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Bill DIODATO - Photographer

Renowned Photographer Releases First Book
Bill Diodato’s “Care of Ward 81” remembers long forgotten women who occupied The Oregon State Mental Asylum’s Ward 81 Award Winning photographer Bill Diodato announces today the release of the “C/O Ward 81”, the first of two monographs on “the demise of institutional services.”
Located in Salem - The Oregon State Insane Asylum - as it was then known and which was also the location for the movie “One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest”, had a ward set up at the end of the 19th Century to help women with psychiatric needs and provide them with isolation – Ward 81.
During 2005, the entire site was being redeveloped and so the Oregon State Legislature authorized Bill Diodato to photograph and thus document the cremated remains of some 3500 deceased patients of the “Asylum” which, in one final act of inhumanity had been cremated buried and exhumed.
During this very moving project - Warden Marvin Fickle also granted Bill access to the infamous closed-off Ward 81. Knowing that he would be the last person to document the ward, Bill felt a sense of responsibility to remember the women who inhabited this extraordinary place.
The result is “Care of Ward 81”. Some people swear that if you look at these images from the right angle or in the right light you can actually SEE the figures of the women who once lived in this remarkable place.
Bill Diodato has taken it upon himself to remember the women of ward 81 for all time, via this unique book.
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Shooting "Hidden Light" for HEA7EN by Christopher KOLK - Behind the scene

HEA7EN Magazine Issue 3
Cover by Christopher Kolk


Georgia Ashdown - Stylist

Georgia Ashdown is a London based Stylist and Fashion Writer. She started her career at ELLE Australia as a Fashion Assistant. During her career as a stylist, she has assisted London-based Stylist’s Sarah Clark (Glamour), Sarah Cobb (Jed Root) and Marie Chaix (CLM). She is now working as a stylist for publications such as Rodeo, Oyster, Mirage Magazine and Camouflage.

Georgia is represented by Balcony Jump


Lenny Pier Amos - Designer

Young Montreal born, designer Lenny Pier Ramos studied Fashion Design at the Royal Academy in Antwerp. Last year, he showed his first Menswear collection 'Consume Consumed', "in reference to the idea of consuming your own life, to the inextinguishable fires in Herzog’s film, and to Plastikman’s album 'Consumed'".

Photography by Michael Smits



Super talented designer and typographer Sean Freeman

Ink Lady



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Moby One Time We Lived (Lulu Rouge Remix)


STRAULINO "Magnetized" Exhibition

February 22, 2010 - June 3, 2010

Anne COMBAZ - Photographer

"First time making pictures backstage during the Paris Men's wear. It's a bit harder for me, as there are much less photographers. I'm used to hide in the crowd, now I have to hide behind walls and mirrors to try to capture those instants I am looking for a dreamy look, a tired face, a glimpse of soul behind the beauty. I found myself blushing at times, I am not very comfortable. After all those seasons backstage I feel like a beginner, and the feeling is cool. Guys are really quiet, it's a surprise,and they read books too, just like girls. Skinny and young, like girls. They remind me of fawns. But the difference is there: the atmosphere is lighter, no seriousness about it. I'll shoot more boys."



HEA7EN MAGAZINE ISSUE 2 COVER - 7th February 2010

Photography by Paula Parrish
Model: Leslie Wilcox

Alexander STRAULINO - Photographer

Alexander Straulino is a German photographer living in Berlin. Born in Munich in 1973, Straulino has lived in Los Angeles and Miami. Straulino’s photographic style explores art through beauty and eroticism. His work has appeared in many international publications including Another Magazine, Allure, Tatler, Harpers Bazaar, Harpers Bazaar US, German Vogue, Russian Vogue, Spanish Vogue.

Stefan MILEV - Photographer

Crazy, sexy, cool. This applies not only to the artist, but to his photography. One of the few that remains true to their style in their wild youth. Exceptional photography, rigorously technical craft and a carefully selected team, offering not only visual pleasure, but also taking the observer back to the world where photography was not only about postproduction, and we demanded more from creativity. Stefan works for various agencies, magazines and clients in New york, Paris, London, Stuttgart and Berlin. he resides in germany and commutes between New york, Paris and London. Stefan milev is represented by kombinatrotweiss.

Paula PARRISH - Photographer

NY based photographer Paula Parrish evokes a new dimension in her body of work — between her experimental techniques of printed, mounted then reshot or projected imagery and subject matter, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality in a complex system of layers and textures…video-art meets Cindy Sherman aesthetic!
Paula first pursued a career in documentary filmmaking. She directed and produced four films which were shot in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Tokyo and won awards at several film festivals including the NY Film and Video Festival, Slamdance, The Chicago Film Festival, The Dallas Video Festival, and Hollywood Film Festival Short Division. On Paula’s 4th film project she was documenting women working in the sex industry in Tokyo and decided to start photographing her subjects. Captivated by the powerful static nature and emotion of the still image, Paula finished the film and went back to the US to change her life for photography. Never letting go of her love for video, she has found a way to incorporate her filmmaking with still photography by working with video cameras, and still cameras combined.
Paula began her professional career in commercial photography in 2004. While thriving in the commercial and fashion worlds, the work easily transcends in the fine art realm. Paula continuously passionately exhibits her personal work in NY, Miami and Paris with amazing response.

Alexo WANDAEL - Photographer

Alexo WANDAEL, has been fascinated by all forms of art (painting, cinema and music). His passion for photography started immediately. He studied both photography and architecture while at university in Ferrara. Then moved on to Berlin and Los Angelas where he practiced Architecture. At the same time, pursuing a career in Fine Art Photography and Fashion Photography. He has worked with many prestigious magazines including, Italian Vogue, Uomo Vogue, Vogue Sposa and AD Italia. His artwork has been shown in various exhibitions in Europe and NY. Alexo's work is influenced by Caravaggio and Irving Penn, he defines his style as moody and intense. Currently Wandael is living in NYC.

Pierre Dal CORSO - Photographer

"I was born in 1977 in the South West of France. After studying Art History and Photography, I’ve been living in New York for 5 years working as a photo assistant. Currently based in Paris, I'm working for fashion magazines and personal art projects."

Backstage Shooting "Animale" by Pierre Dal Corso for HEA7EN Magazine

Video by Max Laho

Sam HESSAMIAN - Photographer & filmmaker

Sam Hessamian is a very talented photographer and filmmaker. We love his beautiful women drifting through the dark corners of Paris’s urban architecture, or staring provocatively straight into the camera. In Sam Hessamian’s work, elegance and emotions blend perfectly.


Lisa HASSELGREN - Photographer

Lisa Hasselgren was born and raised in the north of Sweden in 1979. She started creating images and paintings in aquarell and oil, evolving into studying traditional black and white photography and later fashion photography. After landing the position as first assistant and retoucher for fashion photographer Carl Bengtsson in Stockholm, Sweden, she has now been freelancing as a photographer for two years with the base in Stockholm, working for magazines and designers, both swedish and international clients, such as Vouge, Sofifi, Rita Saardi, Lindex, The Shirt Factory, Beyond Retro, People, Judits, Nöjesguiden, City, Metro, Milo of Sweden and Hea7en.
Her work mainly derives from the Northern solicitude, the stillness and the unfulfilled aspiration for something inexplicable. Inspired by the past, ancient stories, images and especially old paintings, portraits, mixed with the inspiration of the present, relations, films, music and musicvideos, her dreamy and old-fashioned poetic images more often resembles paintings rather than photographs. Though the essence of the images are predetermined and carefully planned before shooting, the main part of the images’ magic and special touch are made in the after effects of the retouch.

Rita SAARDI - Designer

Rita Saardi is born in Beirut Lebanon. She moved to Sweden in 1989 with her family during the civil war in Lebanon and she grew up in Stockholm. In 1998 she decided to travel, Paris was her destination she learned French at the Sorbonne, after one year in Paris She realized that she wanted to work in an artistic field. In 2003 she graduated with honors from ESMOD International a fashion school in Paris. In august 2004 without planning it she participates in a fashion fair for young designers in Stockholm and her journey in fashion starts there. A year later summer 2005 she represents a small collection in exhibition form at Svensk Form in Stockholm and Virserums Konsthall in Virserum This collection was widely acclaimed by the press. In 2006 she decided to participate in Project Runway the Arabic version in Lebanon. It was a great opportunity to get back to the city where she was born and to seize the chance over there. She made it all the way to the final and contributed with a beautiful collection “ Private Garden” that was described as very feminine and romantic, rich in details and colors with a very personal soul by important figures of fashion such as Barbara Pasquini (collezioni Magazine Italy) Zuhair Murad (Haute couture designer Lebanon) Stephane Rolland (Head designer Jean-Louis Sherer Paris) Chantal Thomas (Designer Paris) and many others. Unfortunately the war broke up in Lebanon summer 2006 and all the projects that she was offered never got realized. Today She lives in Paris with her husband, where she works part time in a fashion house and continues to create her own collections twice a year that she shows at Ibeyo Pr Studio her PR agent in Stockholm.