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Indira CESARINE - Photographer

"Carte Blanche" exhibition by INDIRA CESARINE & XXXX MAGAZINE - VISIONAIRS GALLERY - 14, Rue Des Carmes 75005 Paris January 28 – February 10 – 2010

Indira Cesarine was a photographic child protégé, with her first solo show at the age of 16. Over the past 20 years her commissioned work has been published in more than 5000 editorial pages in magazines including British Vogue, French Glamour, L’Officiel, Tatler & Marie Claire among many other titles. In 2009 she launched the multimedia publication XXXX Magazine, showcasing original productions of fashion and vidéo art films. The launch issue, The Kaleidoscopic Issue, featuring 20 original productions revolving around the thème Kaleidoscopic was brought together through the collaboration of more than 100 creative contributors. Her latest exhibition, « Carte Blanche » presented by Visionairs Gallery Paris, is a montage of her latest photographic print and vidéo art works.
“I think that the future of the industry is moving more and more in a multimedia-based direction. I find in the creative exploration working on these different projects keeps me in touch with my artistic identity, which has always been multi-faceted. For as long as I can remember my inspiration has
come from the arts and film influences, so it only makes sense to progress in those directions. One needs to creatively grow as an artist in order to reach your full potential. I will always maintain a strong connection with the photographic side of my work, although I have been finding it really exciting pursuing new directions.” - Indira Cesarine

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